Tuesday, December 17, 2019

President's Report December 2019

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE by Jim Buelow         December, 2019
Jim Buelow and Reid Saul

Holiday Greetings to the Dogwood Family

I asked Paul if we could send out a short newsletter to briefly recap 2019 and give you a peek at 2020 plans. A full newsletter will be posted in early 2020. He was fine with that, so here we go. 
And please enjoy the beautiful picture album that Paul will provide a link to in this newsletter. It provides a picture story of the Dogwood events of 2019. Thank you very much Paul and to all those who provided inputs.
On a personal note, Susan and I recently returned from the Dogwood Christmas rally where we had a great time. Hosts, the Saul’s, Robison’s, Kuiken’s and Buelow’s put on a super rally, and I am sure that all 42 attendees would agree.  Thank you hosts. We are busily getting ready for Christmas and preparing to leave for FL on Jan. 3 for 2 months. We hope to see many of you there. Now for some Dogwood business.
Please note that the Christmas Rally business meeting minutes are included in this newsletter and provide old and new business updates on numerous subjects.
As we close out 2019, I am of the opinion that our chapter had a very good year. Our membership is up to 55 RV families, our treasury should exceed $3000.00 after 2020 dues are collected, and we had some good rally participation, both at local and National levels. We could have had a few more rallies throughout the summer months, and hopefully we can improve on that in2020. And for those rallies we did have this year, we had a good combination of old and new members hosting and participating. That’s great. We have also almost completed Dogwood documentation updates and will complete that in the near future. 
And we have a good start for 2020. The rally schedule is filling in nicely, we have 2 new committees to discuss and plan the 25th Anniversary Rally, and to discuss and make recommendations on name badges/pins. More on this later. We also now have 2 new sources for mirror covers. More info on that follows. In addition, we have a new vendor for name tags and badges. You can find that info on the BlogSpot under BADGES R US. 


 Note that Paul has added a section to the BlogSpot for rallies. It is in the right hand column under "Rally Schedule & Member Photos". You can also click this link, Dogwood Rally Schedual As we schedule new rallies, they will be posted in this area. Please check it out. Plans are to update this page when new rallies are added or changes. Rally Hosts should send any changes to our email account, fmcadogwood@gmail.com
The full list of 2020 rallies will be post and discussed by Reid Saul in the next newsletter, but tentative dates are included in the meeting minutes. Thanks to all who agreed to host for 2020. And we still have room for another rally in June or July, so please consider stepping up. 
The first rally of 2020 will be held at The Great Outdoors (TGO) in Titusville, FL on Feb 10-11. Hosts are the Sohles and Jones’s. Information and a registration form follows.

 2020 Florida Dogwood Rally Information

A Florida Dogwood Rally will be held February 10 thru 11, 2020 at TGO/The Great Outdoors RV & Golf Resort, 125 Plantation Drive, Titusville FL 32780.
Your hosts are Steve and Sue Sohles, and co-hosts Butch and Susie Jones. 
We are providing for those who want to bring their coach, as well as others who will visit and perhaps join in meals or happy hours. 
There will be camping fees, but no Rally fee. Monday night will be pot luck at the Jones home at TGO, and Tuesday night a dinner at Dixie Crossroads in Titusville, where we will order off the menu. (www.dixiecrossroads.com).
We will need to receive your completed Rally Registration Form and any camping payment by January 21, 2020.  There are 10 spots reserved.

Do not contact the TGO Rally Center directly for camping reservations, as they require the Rally Host to handle all camping reservations, identification information for the Gate House, and make a total payment for all participants, including any additional days either before or after the Rally dates.  Payment of $30 per night includes water and 30AMP service. A dump station is available. 

Please complete the Registration Form and send with camping payment no later than January 21, 2020 directly to Steve Sohles at 159 Greenwing Trail, Titusville FL 32780.  
If you are not camping, but planning to join the potluck or Dixie Crossroads meals please complete the DAY ATTENDANCE ONLY section so that we can plan accordingly.
If you have questions please call us at 804 824-8525 or email SSohles@gmail.com.
Hope to see you at the Rally. 
Your Hosts,
Steve and Sue Sohles and Butch and Susie Jones

Note, rally registration form follows.

2020 Florida Dogwood Rally Registration Form
FEBRUARY 10-11, 2020 (2 nights)
NAME: _____________________________________________
CELL NUMBER: _____________________________________
RV LENGTH: _________                             
ARRIVAL DATE: _____________________      DEPARTURE DATE: _______________________


DAY ATTENDANCE ONLY - if easier you can email this information by January 21, 2020 to SSohles@gmail.com.

MONDAY'S POT LUCK : YES_____                     NO _________



Dues for 2020 are due by December 31, 2019. Remember, dues increase to $15.00 per year beginning in 2020. Please make checks payable to Dogwood Treasury for any past or current dues owed and mail to:
Pat Allen
9507 Lakewater Court
Henrico, VA 23229

Dogwood Directory:
Paul is working on an updated Dogwood Directory. It will be made available to all members in the near future. Suggest you print a copy off and keep it in your coach. It is a one stop source for information on all of our members. Thank you Paul, along with Dave Meyer for completing this comprehensive document.

Mirror Covers:
Thanks to Peggy Groves and Nanette Meyer, we now have Dogwood mirror covers available for purchase. They both designed their own version and both versions look great. Pictures and contact information follow. Note that Dogwood purchased 3 covers from Peggy and we have them available for sale. Additional covers from either Peggy or Nanette can be ordered directly from them.
Peggy Groves
228 671-9836
Peggy’s covers are $25.00 each

Nanette Meyer
757 813-0828
Nanette’s covers are $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00.

Member Update:
As you know, Paul and Nancy Cummings daughter Amy is recovering from the loss of both legs due to an illness. She has been doing very well with recovery and rehab, but had a little bump in the road this week. She is in the hospital with some issues, but hopes are that she will be released soon.
And please remember those members of our chapter that we lost over the past 14 months. They include Dillon Joyner, son of Roland and Brenda Joyner, Bob Chuilli, Bill Cockrell, and most recently, Donald Warthan.  Please keep them along with others who are sick and suffering or down and out in your thoughts and prayers.
Closing Comments:
Well, so much for a short newsletter (LOL). In closing, I would like to sincerely thank our Governing Board and all of the members of our chapter for making Dogwood the Great chapter that it is. On behalf of Susan and I and our family, we wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Blessed New Year. See you in 2020.
Regards and SAFE travels
Jim Buelow
Dogwood President

Secretary's Report December 2019

Family Motor Coach Association
Dogwood Chapter Business Meeting 
Americamps RV Resort, Ashland VA
December 7, 2019


Jean Herbert, Secretary
Having confirmed the presence of a quorum, President, Jim Buelow (“Jim”), called the FMCA Dogwood Chapter Business Meeting to order at 10:12 a.m.

Jim welcomed everyone and thanked the rally hosts: Reid & Jenny Saul, Robi and Dale Robison, Henry and Patty Kuiken, and Jim and Susan Buelow.  The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Patty Kuiken.

Jim welcomed rally attendees Roger and Andrea Monaghan and Robi and Dale Robison as new members to the Dogwood Chapter.

Membership/Treasurer’s report:  Pat Allen reported a treasury balance of $2,501.89.  She requested that everyone pay their 2020 dues of $15 today.  An FMCA membership reconciliation meeting was held on Friday, December 6, 2019.  The Dogwood Chapter now has the owners of 55 coaches registered as active members.

Minutes:  On a motion by Rob Hill, seconded by Wilt Greenwood, Dogwood Chapter Business Meeting minutes from 12/1/18 and 12/2/18 were approved.

Jim reported that the new Dogwood Chapter Bylaws are finished and have been approved by FMCA.  Paul Cummings and Jim are still working on Dogwood’s blogsite. 

Dogwood officer elections are scheduled for December 2020. Pat Allen, Treasurer and VP of Membership; Reid Saul, VP of Rallies; and Jean Herbert, Secretary, expressed interest in running for reelection.  President, Jim Buelow; and VP of Communications, Paul Cummings, are choosing not to run for reelection.

Badges R Us is Dogwood’s new vendor for name and host badges.  Jean Herbert suggested that officers have a badge indicating their current office.  Jim appointed a Committee to look into badge options. The committee members are Paul Cummings, Patty and Henry Kuiken, Jim Hunter, and Ed and Jean Herbert.

Please see Jim for Dogwood T-shirt and sweatshirt order forms.  If anyone wants a different type of shirt (ex: polo) he/she needs to purchase it and send it to our supplier for printing.

Handmade Dogwood side view mirror covers are now available from two sources:  Peggy Groves sells them for $25 each and Nanette Meyer sells them for $15 each or two for $25.

Dogwood’s 25th Anniversary will be in June, 2021.  Jim appointed a planning committee to recommend a date and site for our celebration.  The site should be no more than 100 miles away from Richmond VA. Committee members are:  Andrea Monaghan, Patty Kuiken, Connie Tilman, and Karen Alexander.

VP of Communications, Paul Cummings covered Dogwood newsletter and blogsite information in his presentation on December 6.

Careperson Report:  Jim Buelow, reported for Susan Buelow.  Paul and Nancy Cummings’ daughter, Amy, is doing much better.  Roland and Brenda Joyner lost a son in December 2018. Bob Chuilli passed away in December 2018.  Edward Cockrell passed away in the spring of 2019. Donald Warthan passed away in the fall of 2019.  Susan sent cards to all of the families listed above on behalf of the Dogwood members.

Rally Master Report:  Reid Saul, VP of Rallies, reviewed a Rally schedule for 2020 and asked for rally suggestions and hosts.  The following schedule was created:

February 2020:  Hosts - Stephen and Susan Sohles and Butch and Susie Jones
TGO Campground, Titusville FL
March 2020: FMCA International Rally in Tucson, Arizona
May 2020: Hosts - Rob and Donna Hill, Kenny and Marsha Thorpe, Robert and Nancy Greene, Devil’s Backbone Campground, Nelson County VA
July 2020:  FMCA International Rally in Lincoln, Nebraska
September 1 - 8, 2020:  Hosts - Richard and Elle Bonewitz, Berkley and Karen Alexander
Lobster Rally at Shore Hills Campground in Boothbay, Maine
September 8 - 10, 2020:  Hosts - Roger and Andrea Monaghan at Lake Anna VA
September 30 - October 4, 2020:   GEAR Rally in Lewisburg, West Virginia
November 5 - 8, 2020:  Hosts - Berkley and Karen Alexander
Urbanna Oyster Festival in Urbanna, Virginia
December 4 - 6, 2020:  Hosts – Patty and Henry Kuiken, Dave and Nanette Meyer, and
    Ed and Jean Herbert Christmas Rally at Americamps RV Resort in Ashland, Virginia

Reid Saul thanked all the 2019 rally hosts and recognized them with host badges.

Rob Hill presented an update on the 2020 GEAR Rally.  Rob is the Vice President for the Eastern Area Motorhome Association (“EAMA”) and Berkley Alexander is the Treasurer for EAMA.

In closing, Jim said that Dogwood has had a good year and the treasury is in good shape.  He thanked all Dogwood members who participated in activities.

On a motion by Dale Robison, seconded by Kenny Thorpe, and by unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Herbert
Dogwood Secretary

Family Motor Coach Association
Dogwood Chapter Business Meeting 
Americamps RV Resort, Ashland VA
December 8, 2019


Having confirmed the presence of a quorum, President, Jim Buelow (“Jim”), called the FMCA Dogwood Chapter Business Meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

After discussion and on a motion by Paul Cummings, seconded by Connie Tilman, the Dogwood Chapter members voted to buy the sample side view mirror covers, from Peggy Groves, in order to have them on hand for purchase by the members.

We have been informed that another motorcoach group will be having a rally at Americamps RV Resort the same weekend as Dogwood’s 2020 Christmas Rally.  The other group has reserved the rally room for Saturday, December 5, 2020 from noon until 9:00 p.m. but Dogwood has it reserved on Friday, Saturday a.m., and Sunday a.m.

James, manager at Americamps, talked about our options:

  • There are local restaurants, with event rooms, that we could possibly use for our party on Saturday night.  Mario’s, Bass Pro Shops, and Anna’s in Mechanicsville were suggested.
  • Americamps is going to build a new, 2nd rally room and hopes to have it finished by December 2020.  If that happens on time, Dogwood will get the new room for all of our activities.

It was decided to leave our reservation as is and see how things progress at Americamps.

On a motion by Susan Buelow, seconded by Henry Kuiken, the Dogwood members voted to reserve the new rally room for Christmas 2021 as soon as Americamps opens it up for reservations.

On a motion by Wilt Greenwood, seconded by Pat Allen, and by unanimous consent, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean Herbert
Dogwood Secretary