Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Presidents Report April 2019

Presidents Message   by   Jim Buelow

Hello Dogwood Family, hope all is well with all of you and that you have had a good winter. Susan and I spent January and February in Florida, came home for 10 days, then headed to Perry, GA to the FMCA Rally for 10 days. Along with having great weather in February, we attended the TGO Rally which was really fun. More on TGO later in this letter. We visited with Mann and Carolyn Duff, who are doing well, and had dinner with Rich and Elle Bonewitz at their new digs in Fort Meyers. Absolutely beautiful place. Also stopped by and visited with Alan Baker, an old time Dogwooder. As usual, Susan did some shelling, well actually a lot of shelling. Brought back 16 shoe box sized totes of shells, yeah, 16. But we had fun doing it. Also had an exhausting but great time at Perry. More on that later.
As there are quite a few articles in this newsletter with lots of new and interesting information to pass along, I will keep my message short.
Thanks to all of you who help make Dogwood the great chapter that it is. And thanks to Paul Cummings for producing another great newsletter. Susan and I look forward to seeing you at a rally in the near future.
Regards and SAFE travels,