Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Perry FMCA Rally Report 2019

FMCA Rally Summery by Jim Buelow/ Steve Sohles

The 99th National FMCA Rally was held in Perry, GA  March 13-16, 2019. There were about 2292 member RV’s along with 324 show coaches in attendance to include 30 towables. About 1800 attendees were 1st timers. Only 39% of attendees were chapter members. Dogwood had a very good showing at the rally. Attendees included the Allen’s, Alexander’s, Buelow’s, Chadwick’, Cumming’s, Greene’s, Hill,s, Hunter’s, Robison’s, Schremp’s, Sohle’s, and Tilman’s. Almost all of our members volunteered for some type of duty at the rally. Thank you for your support and hard work.  There were plenty of good seminars to attend, lots of vendors and show coaches, and good entertainment at night. We did a Dogwood Chapter Fair and Dogwood Block Party and both turned out very well. At one point in time I counted about 60 people at our block party, and we signed up 5 new members at Perry. Great job of recruiting. We cooked over 65 brats and hot dogs, and put together salads, beans, condiments, deserts and drinks for the party. As usual at a Dogwood event, no one left hungry. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who contributed their time, resources, skills and food to make this event a huge success. You all made me very proud to be your Chapter President.
Steve Sohles attended the FMCA Presidents Forum at the Perry Rally and here is a summary of his notes.
FMCA has 147,000 plus members, 400 plus chapters, 78,508 rigs, including 4000 towables.
Membership had positive growth 30 out of last 36 months.
13,000 rigs have joined FMCA Roadside Assistance. Due to increased participation the cost will go up to $75.00 annually on 5/1/19.
A new meeting calendar has been added to website.    
Membership info will be pushed through all communications channels: print email, website apps, and social media. New face book for members soon.
23,000 surveys returned from members. Current emphasis on volunteer engagement and data analysis.
Thank you Steve