Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Care Person's Report April 2019

Care Person Report    by Susan Buelow
Bill & Marian Cockrell
Sadly, another one of our Dogwood family has passed. Marion Cockrell notified us that husband Bill passed away unexpectedly on the morning of Wednesday April 16, 2019. Bill and Marion are long time members of Dogwood and we will miss Bill. The only details I have at this time are that Bill will be cremated and that the family plans a memorial service sometime in the near future. A card and donation will be sent from Dogwood to the Cockrell family, and we will keep you posted on the memorial service as information becomes available.

Paul and Nancy Cummings daughter Amy is experiencing serious health issues, had major surgery, and will begin long term rehabilitation soon. Amy lives in WY, and Paul and Nancy will be headed there as soon as possible. More updates as they become available.
Karen Alexander left the Perry Rally not feeling well and ended up spending 4 days in a Florida hospital with pneumonia. I spoke with her recently and she is feeling much better, and awaiting some final test results. Her and Berkley are currently at MacDill AFB near Tampa, and will head for home in a few weeks.  
A Dogwood donation was sent to the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation in memory of Bob Chuilli and daughter Lisa Ann Chuilli. The Chuilli family are long time and charter members of Dogwood and leave behind many long time friends.
A Dogwood donation was also sent to Partners Among Cats and Canines in memory of Dillon Joyner. Dillon is the son of Roland and Brenda Joyner who recently joined Dogwood and whom many of you met at the Christmas Rally.
Please keep those who have passed, and those who are sick and suffering or down and out, in your thoughts and prayers, and please contact me if you know of someone in our family who is sick, suffering, or in need.   
Thank you,