Monday, October 22, 2018

Jim Buelow Members

MEMBER NEWS        10.18                 by JIM BUELOW

Thomas Newton
I would be remiss if I didn’t include a 10 year old young man by the name of Thomas Newton in this newsletter. Thomas is the grandson of Ed and Connie Tilman, and many of you have met him at past Christmas rallies. He is currently enjoying the time of his life with Ed and Connie. They are home schooling Thomas on the road where they have been for several months. They have been out West, and then all the way to Maine and GEAR where Thomas warmed the hearts of many people. He was everywhere and was really enjoying himself. Among other things, he stuffed goodie bags, worked the ice cream social, presented door prizes, helped set up the Dogwood gathering, and accepted the chapter fair prize for Dogwood. We need to sign this young man up (LOL). Kudos to Ed and Connie for what they are doing, and a big THANK YOU to Thomas for hanging out with us.

Robert and Nancy Greene
Robert and Nancy Greene have been without their coach since early July. They were on a trip out West with the Hill’s when the engine blew up near Seattle, WA. After much discussion with diesel technicians, the Greene’s made the decision to put in a new engine. Fast forward to October 18. I spoke with Robert and Nancy today. The new engine has arrived and is in the process of being installed. Robert and Nancy are in Denver, CO on the way to Seattle. They are hoping to pick the coach up on Monday Oct 22 and head home, but are not real confident the coach will be ready. I asked them to keep us posted. Good luck Robert and Nancy and SAFE travels.

There She Goes!
Pat and Bubba Allen had a breakdown returning from the Maine rally. Bolts broke on the alternator bracket causing the belt to come off. They lost cooling, power steering, and charging systems. They were towed to a shop in CT, left the coach and came home. Eight days later, they picked up the coach and had a safe trip home. All is good.