Sunday, June 24, 2018

Secretary Report June 2018

Secretary's Report May 22, 2018 Business Meeting

The business meeting for the Dogwood Rally held at Cummings Ferry Resort in Salvia, Ky was called to order on 5/22/18 at 7:10 pm by President Jim Buelow.  Attending were:
Alexander, Bonewitz, Buelow, Buchanan, Gilbert, Phillips and Scholars. (Allen’s attended the Rally but had to leave early due to other obligations.)

President Buelow thanked Karen & Berkley Alexander and Elle & Richard Bonewitz for planning and hosting the Bourbon Trail Rally.
The upcoming rallies: June 1-2: VIR (Fishers), July 18-21: FMCA International Rally, Aug 28 – Sep 5: Booth Bay ME (Bonewitz, Alexanders), Oct 3-7:  GEAR York PA, Nov 2-4: Oyster Festival (Alexanders), Nov 30- Dec 2: Christmas Rally American Heritage Campground Williamsburg, VA (Herbert’s, Kuiken’s & Thorpe’s).
Treasurer’s Report: No report
President Buelow told members he had a couple of business matters he needed to discuss:

1. Nominating committee: It’s time to nominate members for the 2019-2020 officer term. We are required to have a standing nominating committee in place. That committee consists of the past President and 2 additional members. Until recently we had a 3-member committee elected at the beginning of the current Officers term, however, one members has dropped out, so we need to elect one new member. Rich Bonewitz has agreed to fill the vacant position, and as this is an elected position, we need to vote Rich in to the vacant position as soon as possible. An email to members to vote to fill this position will be sent soon.

2. Officers for 2019-2020:  Please let Nominating Chairperson Buck Buchanan know if you have interest in any of the officer positions or it you would like to nominate anyone.

3. By-law change: As all of you know, last December, FMCA voted on a proposal to allow all types of self-contained RV's into the FMCA organization instead of just motor homes. That proposal passed and the FMCA By-Laws have been changed to reflect the new policy.
We decided at the Dogwood Christmas party to let things settle out for a few months before making a chapter decision as to how we will approach the new policy. I have recently received a request from FMCA and EAMA to update our By-Laws, so it is time for us to act. As a chapter, we have the option of deciding what type of RV's we will allow in Dogwood. We can follow the FMCA model or keep the current policy of allowing only motor homes in our chapter. With that said, it is time for our chapter to vote on this very important issue. I ask all of you to think about what you would like our chapter to do and vote your preference. An email to vote on this will be sent soon.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

Respectfully submitted
Pam Phillips, Secretary