Thursday, December 21, 2017

President's Message December 2017

Presidents Message                                         

by Jim Buelow

Lots of Fun

Seasons Greeting to the Dogwood Family
 As 2017 comes to a close, I just wanted to say a few words about this past year, and cover some plans for 2018.
First, an important note concerning the FMCA proposal to allow all types of RV’s into FMCA. The vote is in and about 7000 members voted for and 3000 voted against this proposal, so it has been approved. Although the proposal has been approved at the FMCA level, it is my understanding that each chapter still has the option of allowing or not allowing all RV’s into their chapter. We discussed this issue at our meeting during the Christmas Rally and agreed to hold off on that decision until things settle down and we get further information from FMCA on how this is all going to come together. More later on this subject.
From your Presidents view, I think 2017 was a pretty good year for our chapter. We made some administrative and forms changes which make it easier to complete rally requirements, bought a Keurig coffee system to replace our old pots, and now have Dogwood t-shirts and sweat - shirts to proudly show off our chapter. Although attendance was down, we had some very good rallies, and I attribute a smaller turn out due to the fact that many of our members did some long distance traveling in 2017. Dogwood attendance/volunteers at the GEAR Rally were up this year, and our participation and winning second place in the Chapter Fair was a satisfying accomplishment. Although we lost members this year, we gained more than we lost and are currently at about 50 coach members. Other chapters are not as fortunate to have gained new members. Thanks to those who recruited new members and keep up the good work.
Numerous Dogwood members also donated their time to help the needy. The Hill’s and Kuiken’s supported the Habitat for Humanity project at Gear, and the Greene’s traveled all the way to FL to support distribution for hurricane victims. And Dogwood members contributed 129 pounds of food to the Richmond Food Bank during our food drive at the Christmas Rally. Many thanks to all of you.
As 2018 approaches, we have some fun and interesting things planned.  Thanks to Donna Hill’s determination to rally the members to host events for 2018, we have rallies scheduled in KY, VIR in VA, and a Maine rally, along with Urbanna, and our Christmas rally. And that doesn’t include the GEAR Rally in York, PA, along with 2 FMCA rallies. Thanks to those who stepped up to host our rallies, and let’s make 2018 another fun filled and successful year for Dogwood. 
As I close this message, I want to thank the Executive Board, Rally Hosts, and the members of Dogwood who continue to make Dogwood the great chapter that it is. Susan and I wish all of you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and SAFE, Healthy, and Happy New Year. See you in 2018.