Monday, December 19, 2016

President Elect Message 2016

President Elect Jim

Buck Handing the Dogwood Football Off to Jim, December 2016
A note from your President Elect

Greetings Dogwood members. First I would like to thank Buck Buchanan and the outgoing Executive Board for serving as Officers for the past 2 years, and for your time and contributions to our chapter. The fact that Dogwood celebrated its 20th anniversary in June is a testament to those who have offered to serve this chapter over the years. Thanks again for all you have done.
I and the new Executive Board look forward to guiding and serving the chapter for the next few years and continuing our tradition of lots of fun, food, and friendship.
On behalf of Susan and I and our family, we wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
Regards and safe travels,

December 2016 Secretary Report

Secretary's ReportDecember 2016 Business Meeting

The business meeting for the December Dogwood Rally held at Americamps RV Resort was called to order on 12/02/16 at 10:05 a.m. by President Buck Buchanan.  
Attendees were: Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Buchanan, Buelow, Cockrell, Cummings, Dodge, Fisher, Greene, Greenwood, Hall, Hill, Hunter, Johnston, Moore, Phillips, Reid, Saul, Schoolar, and Tillman’s.  (Warthan’s had to leave early due to their band playing in Amelia). 
Welcome to our guest: Patty & Henry Kuiken, Kenny & Marsha Thorpe. New members’ dues are free for the first year.
President Buchanan thanked the Hill’s and Dodge’s for hosting the rally. 
He thanked Cil & Fairleigh Schoolar for framing the 20th Anniversary FMCA Dogwood Logo.
He also thanked his officers and members for their support during his 2015-2016 term as President.
Pat Allen presented the Treasurer’s report: As of October 31, 2016, the balance is $2,051.44
Your 2017 dues of $10 are due now, please pay them to Pat as soon as possible.
President Buchanan reminded members of the two by-law changes the club passed in 2016. 
  1. The past President will be the chairperson of the Nominating Committee. The nominating committee for the 2017-2018 officers will be: 
Buck Buchanan, chairperson; Regis Johnston and Carol Warthan.
  1. New members 1st year dues will be waved. 
These changes will be noted in the Club’s Standing Rules.
President elect Jim Buelow made the following announcements:
Your 2017-2018 officers are:

                         President, Jim Buelow​ (Right side)

                         Vice President, Communications, Paul Cummings​ (Left Side)
                         Vice President, Treasurer, Pat Allen​ 
                        Vice President Rallies, Donna Hill​ (Center) 
                         National Director, Ed Fisher (Not Pictured)​      
                         Alternate National Director, Bonewitz (Not Pictured)  
                         Secretary, Pam Phillips​ (Right side of Jim)

The Executive board met and discussed the following:
Officer Responsibilities: each officer received a packet with their assigned duties
Member goals for 2017/2018:
  • Have fun
  • Improve newsletter.  More articles, member news, new input etc.
  • Find new and interesting locations to hold rallies, motivate members to host rallies. Remember rallies are not a completion, raffles and goody bags not required. 
  • Increase membership by promoting our chapter through brochures, fairs etc.  (Packages were passed out to members). Be sure to add your FMCA number on the application for rewards.
  • GEAR rally: We will have a booth and participate in the Chapter Fair
  • Increase involvement in local community, i.e. 50/50 raffles, food bank etc.
  • Order T-shirts or sweatshirts with Dogwood Logo for members
  • Find someone to make Dogwood mirror covers
  • Update and provide a new directory
  • Would love to have a large attendance at the GEAR Rally in Lewisburg, WV 
Oct 4-8th Several of our members will be participating: Paul Cummings will present the 25th Anniversary video and Donald Warthan band Heritage will be the entertainment. 
Administration goals:
  • Review Dogwood documents for accuracy and update as necessary (by-laws etc.)
  • Review Dogwood BLOG and update/change if necessary
  • Evaluate the Rally Expense form and create a friendlier, less complicated document
  • Discuss the use of totes and coffeepots for rallies.  Change/increase/decrease contents.
  • Discuss ideas on how to disperse treasury monies in a way to benefit members such as free dues for a year etc.
  • Executive Staff to Host the December Rally
President Elect Buelow told members to check out their December FMCA magazine (pg. 30/31) there is an article of the Dogwood’s 20th anniversary in it.
Susan Buelow will be our Care Person.  She will send cards on behalf of the club to members that are sick, have loss of a loved one etc. 
Vice President elect, Communications, Paul Cummings asked members to use Bcc… when sending emails to members instead of the Send To… box.  This protects members email addresses. 
Paul asked members to review their information (phone #’s, addresses etc.) on the documents he placed on the table by the Christmas tree to verify their contact information.  Please make necessary changes if needed.  Once you have verified your information please initial by your name so he knows you reviewed it.
He also asked that any documents for the newsletter/blog sent to him to please use Helvetica or Times New Roman font/12pt.                                                                                                       Paul told members he was still trying to figure out how to remove Carolyn’s name from the blog email address, so you may receive emails with Carolyn’s name on it but it’s really from him.
Vice President of Rallies: Marion Cockrell and Donna Hill asked members for volunteers to Host Rallies for 2017-2018. See below for the tentative schedule:
For 2017:
  • March 7-10th FMCA's 95th International Convention
    Rawhide Western Town and Event Center at Wild Horse Pass
    Chandler, Arizona
  • April 6-9th Host: Fishers @ Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • May 6-8th Host: Tillman’s/Greenwoods @ Natural Bridge, VA
  • July12-15th FMCA's 96th International Convention
    Indiana State Fair Grounds, Indianapolis, IN
  • Sept. 8-10th Host: Buchanan’s/Phillips location TBD
  • Oct. 4-8th GEAR Rally @ Lewisburg, WV
  • Nov. 3-5th Host: Alexander’s @ Ed Fishers / Urbanna Oyster Festival
  • Dec. 1-3rd Host: Executive Staff @ Americamps RV Resort 
Note: There was a discussion as to where to have the December Rally. Suggestions were Carolina Crossroads RV Resort or Americamps RV Resort.  Jim Buelow made the motion that the members vote as to where to have the Rally.  Doug Dodge seconded the motion.  Members vote:  9 for Americamps RV Resort and 6 for Carolina Crossroads RV Resort.  Motion passed. Americamps RV Resort will be the location for the December 2017 Rally.
For 2018
  • Date TBD Host: Fishers @ VIR
  • Dec. Host Executive Staff 
Rob Hill informed members that the October FMCA magazine page 84/85 has a ballot in it for a Member Vote: Proposed Change to FMCA’s Articles of Incorporation that members should check out. See link for ballot: . The ballot must be received by the Certified Accountant by December 31, 2016.
President Buchanan presented Dogwood officer pins for 2015-2016 and 2017-2018. He also presented the Dogwood Host Rally pins to members that hosted rallies in 2016.

​Submitted by Pam Phillips, Acting Secretary for Carol Warthan                         

December 2016 Rally Photos

Photos from the Dogwood Chapter Rally 2016

James River Cellars, Wine Tasting 
Jim and Susan 

Fried Pickles? Thanks to Dan Moore

Hard work game enjoyed by all

Marion and Donna review Rally list for 2017

Welcome new Members Henry and Patty Kuiken 

Thank You to Fairleigh and Cil for framing our 20th

Welcome new members Kenny and Marsha Thorpe
Passing of the Dogwood Football

"It's all yours now Jim"

A Peaceful transfer of power
Dogwood Officers 2017 - 2018

Member Update December 2016

Member News

Look Close, Steve Sohles is working for Santa

Hi Paul, no contact changes for the Sohles.
1. Where have you been RVing in 2016?
FMCA Rally in Perry GA.
FMCA TGO Ambassadors rolling Rally which stops in Jupiter FL, Marathon Key, FL and Hollywood, FL.  And a second rally with this group in Ft Myers, FL. 
Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax, VA. 
Blue Grass Festivals at Rockahock in Lexana, VA. and Chesapeake Bay Thousand Trails Gloucester, VA. 
Our Dogwood 20th Anniversary Rally and the Rally to Gordonville, PA.

2. What was your most FUN RV trip?
Rally to Gordonville, PA.

3. What do you like most about Dogwood?
The friendships we have made, and the low key style of the group.

Our best to our Dogwood Friends.
Steve and Sue