Sunday, October 23, 2016

Myrtle Beach Rally 2016

Myrtle Beach Rally 2016

On September 17th through the 25th, Dogwood held a rally at the Pirateland Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Although many members stayed the entire week, the rally was officially Friday & Saturday departing on Sunday.

The good thing about picking this week was, that we missed hurricane Matthew.  The bad part was that we had monsoonal rains for most of the week.   However, the resilient crowd made the best of it.  With the communal space provided by Pirateland and canopies provided by members, we were able to make the best of a bad situation.

The majority of the meals were potluck and dining out with the following  exceptions.  A special thanks goes out to the Buelows and Cummings for creating a competitive atmosphere with a special “Bratfest.”  The Schoolars for providing sausage and biscuits and the Reids for a hamburger cook out.  Also, a special thanks to all of the members who provided potluck dishes and appetizers.

The attendees were, Buckannan, Cockrell, Bonewitz, Cummings, Alexander, Reid, Gilbert, Schoolar, Buelow, Allen, Johnston, Fisher & Warthan.

Go to this link to see photos of the rally, http://fmcadogwoodphotos.blogspot.com