Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dogwood Director's FMCA Report October 2016

Dogwood Director's Report 2016

The annual business meeting of the Governing Board was held at the Summer convention as usual. It was the shortest National meeting I have ever attended. This was due to several factors, including no election, no really contentious business items, and it was very hot in the hall which was not air conditioned. We worked through the normal lunch period, and most National Directors took their boxed lunches back to their comfortable coaches.

All of the following business items were approved by wide margins with very little discussion:
-A dues increase of $10.00 per year, bringing the total to $50.00. This was the first increase since 2010, and the adopted budget including the dues increase was much more workable. The increase took affect as of October, to coincide with the associations fiscal year.
-The budget, which was balanced. There were two budgets submitted, one with and one without dues increase.
-To authorize the Executive Board to proceed with amended Articles of Incorporation which were adopted in 1971. Council has advised that existing articles are archaic and very restrictive, preventing the Governing Board from making almost any change to FMCA's operations. Should such a need arise to make a change, it would first require amended Articles of Incorporation, so the whole process could take up to two years. This is a proactive measure, which makes future operational changes possible. It in no way changes FMCA as it exists, and no such changes could me made without approval of the Governing Board.
-The extension of the FMCAssist program, which assists members with emergencies while traveling, to be funded  with PROFITS from the investment account. This will cover a one year period in the 2016/2017 time frame. Membership is reminded to be eligible for any reimbursement, they must file a claim before any expense is incurred, or it will not be paid. FMCA has had a very good experience with the carrier and the plan administrator. 
-Holding the Winter 2019 convention in Chandler Arizona, the Summer 2019 in St Paul Minnesota, and the Winter 2020 in Perry Georgia, all subject to final negotiations. As previously announced, the Winter 2017 convention will be held March 7-10 in Chandler Arizona, and the Summer 2017 convention will be held July 12-15 in Indianapolis Indiana. 
-The Treasurer reported that FMCA remains in a strong financial position with investments doing well.
-The official count for this Summer convention was 1059 family coaches and 246 commercial coaches. Membership as of July 1, 2016 was 70,539 family 
units, and has finally bottomed out and shows a slight upturn.

     Ed Fisher
      National Director