Friday, August 28, 2015

Highlights from Jim Buelow's Driving Experience

Several members joined the Buelows at Richmond International Raceway to watch Jim (SMOKE, ROWDY, HAPPY, The INTIMIDATOR, CRASH, LEWY the LIPSHITS) Buelow take the ride of his life in the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience. Jim received a Christmas gift from his daughter and her family to ride for 3 laps with a professional driver, then take to the track on his own for 12 laps.   Dogwood members, family and friends cheered as Jim raced along the track.  After members returned to the campground, Jim got to take another 12 laps as there was a mix up with the photos the race folks were to give him.  Afterwards all enjoyed a barbeque lunch and camaraderie.  Click here to view photos.