Friday, September 19, 2014

Nominating Committee Update

by Mike Vreeland

We still have a couple of Dogwood Officer Positions open and urgently need your help in filling the vacancies. The following is a list of the Dogwood Officer positions and the candidates we have so far.

President Candidate – Michael Vreeland

Vice President Membership Candidate - Pat Allen
Vice President Rallies Candidate – Marion Cockrell
Vice President Communications Candidate – Need a volunteer/s
Secretary Candidate – Need a volunteer/s
Treasurer Candidate - Pat Allen
National Director Candidate - Ed Fisher
Alternate National Director Candidate - Mann Duff

On behalf of the Dogwood Chapter membership the Nominating Committee would like to thank Pat Allen, Ed Fisher, and Mann Duff for their willingness to continue in their current positions. 

All Dogwood Officer are necessary, without them we are not a FMCA Chapter instead we are just a bunch of old folks camping – in style of course. As you can see above we still have two vacant officer positions and of course you can volunteer for any of the positions. I know we all miss the political excitement from the most recent elections and would welcome a good old fashion down and dirty political race. In fact the Nominating Committee will donate the tidy sum of $1 to each candidate for those Dogwood Officer vacancies that have more than one candidate to ensure a fair and equitable media blitz campaign. The Nominating Committee will also arrange and moderate debates between opposing candidates if necessary. I know I relish a good political debate and understand the importance of a good one line zinger. I have already started writing several like “You wife or husband wears combat boots in the motor coach” or “the only way your wife or husband can get you in the motor coach is to tie a pork chop around their neck”. As Smokey Bear says – “Only you can volunteer of a Dogwood Officer Position”- or he said something like that. So please volunteer to help our club.

Please contact any member of the Nominating Committee or Dogwood Officer if you would like to volunteer. The Nominating Committee members contact information is as follows:

Michael Vreeland –
Buck Buchanan –
Regis Johnston –