Monday, July 7, 2014

President's Message

By Butch Jones

As we head into summer the days are already hot and humid. I understand that the Solomon’s Island rally was a big success, as it was last year. Many thanks to the Bonewitz, Halls, Gilberts and Johnstons for hosting this rally.

Barbara and Max Hicks are on the mend and if all goes well we may see them at Fort Monroe. 

There are several things happening in September. First is our rally at Fort Monroe on September 5-7. Then the next Eastern Area Motorcoach Association (a chapter of FMCA of which Dogwood is a member) meeting will be at the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pa. in September. September 24-28 will be the 2014 GEAR Rally at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center located in Fletcher, NC, outside of Asheville. 

Summer has really hit the ground running with high temperatures and no rain, at least not in the Sahara area of Powhatan County. High temperatures can cause headaches for motorhomes. Now is the time to check cooling systems, the engine, generator and the human (air conditioning) types. Tires are also something that need a little extra attention when the temperatures rise. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way. 

Hope to see all of you at Fort Monroe.