Monday, July 7, 2014

Highlights from the Solomons Rally

Eighteen coaches gathered at the Naval Recreation campground in scenic Solomons Maryland the weekend of June 5-8.  Click here to view rally photos.  The weather was fantastic and a good time was had by all.

Thursday evening we gathered at the Solomons Yacht Club for happy hour.  The club provided heavy appetizers and inexpensive drinks.  Friday night David Gilbert was able to provide 2 bushels of great crabs.  The meal was supplemented with beer brats and burgers.  After a great breakfast of special casseroles prepared by Elle, Jackie and Mary and a great fruit bowl provided by Terrie, a short business meeting was held by Dennis Reid.  Members were on their own during the day then enjoyed a 2 hour cocktail cruise on the Patuxent River.  All Dogwooders attended the cruise and provided an assortment of fabulous appetizers.  The rally concluded on Sunday with a breakfast.    

A special thanks to our hosts Richard & Elle Bonewitz, Steve & Mary Hall, David & Jackie Gilbert, and Regis & Terrie Johnston.