Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rally at VIR for Heacock Classic Races

Take a step back in time and watch cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s race on the track at VIR.  Join us Sept 27, 28 and 29 for a Dogwood rally at the Virginia International Raceway in conjunction with the running of the Heacock Classic Gold Cup races. VIR is located between South Boston and Danville.

Camping: We will be dry camping on the grassy infield along the track. There are no designated "sites" and the place fills up quickly on a first come basis. The cost is $50 to dry camp for the weekend (Friday - Sunday).

Races and qualifying run all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 8:00 am every morning . Everyone will need a ticket for each day you are there since we are camping within the actual raceway. You can set up your lawn chair along the track to view a race. Three day ticket tickets are $30 per person. For those who have golf carts, bikes, four wheelers, etc, this may be a good place to use them. The track is over 3 miles around and part of the fun is seeing the activities from various vantage points.

Rally Fees: The rally fee will be determined later after we have a better idea of attendance and the wishes of the group. We may ask attendees to bring a side dish for dinners to simplify meal preparation. In addition to evening meals, we will definitely plan for happy hours and breakfasts.  We will plan to have one of our evening meals at the Oak Tree Tavern which has gotten high marks on previous visits.

To Register for the Rally:
1Send an eMail ASAP but no later than September 5 with the heading “VIR Historic Races” to to commit to attend. Your prorated share of costs will be due at the event. Payment by check is preferred.

2. Purchase and print your tickets directly from VIR by clicking here.  Select 3 day pass for $30, answer their questions about credit card numbers etc. and they'll let you print your own tickets. The weekend camping pass should be $50.00 payable at the gate by cash or credit card.

We will communicate between now and then to work out the details. As things are firmed up, we’ll update this article. Contact Mann or Carolyn Duff (your rally hosts) if you have any questions.

Links to additional information:
Race schedule - you may wish to print this while you have access to a printer
Map to our camping area - follow the yellow road marked on map

Attendees (as of 9/23):
Mann & Carolyn Duff, Butch & Liz Jones, Bobby & Barbara Dyke, Ed & Connie Tilman

Thursday happy hour:  bring an appetizer to share

Friday Dinner:  Hamburgers and condiments (Duff), potato salad (Jones), baked beans, chips, brownies (Dyke)

Saturday Breakfast:  eggs, sausage, biscuits, fruit

Saturday Dinner:  Oak Tree Tavern

Sunday Breakfast:  French toast, sausage, fruit 

Myrtle Beach Rally

Dogwood will have a rally in Myrtle Beach the weekend of September 13-15 at the Pirateland Campground.     

Campground:  Call the campground at 800-443-2267 to make your campsite reservation. Sites are $38 per night.  Be sure to mention that you are with the Dogwood group.  The Pirateland Family Camping Resort is located at 5401 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575.  Click here to link to their web site.  

Meals -  Since the crowd is small and there are no kitchen facilities, this rally will be a combination of pot-luck and dinning out.  The Reids and Schoolars volunteered to host and coordinate the pot-luck meals.  They will be providing the entrees for Friday and Saturday nights' dinners and are requesting that each coach provide a dish (side, dessert or appetizer) for each night.  When planning your side dishes keep in mind that there will be 20 people in attendance.  Please contact the Reids to let them know what dishes you plan to bring in order to avoid duplicates.

Friday Breakfast - pancakes provided by the Reids; sausage - Fisher

Friday Night Dinner
  • Ham and rolls provided by the Reids
  • Side 1 - candied yams - Buchannan
  • Side 2 - cole slaw - Sohles
  • Side 3 - black bean and corn salad - Duff
  • Side 4 - green bean casserole - Allen
  • Dessert 1 - Buchannan
  • Dessert 2 - Vreeland
  • Dessert 3 - Johnston - apple pie
  • Appetizer 1 - Vreeland
  • Appetizer 2 - Buelow
  • Appetizer 3
Saturday Breakfast provided by the Buelows

Saturday Night Dinner 
  • Marinated London Broil provided by the Schoolars
  • Side 1 - mashed potatoes - Buchannan
  • Side 2 - veggie casserole - Duff
  • Side 3 - mac and cheese - Allen
  • Side 4 - cranberry jello salad - Fisher
  • Side 5 - string beans - Johnston
  • Dessert 1- Sohles
  • Dessert 2 - Vreeland
  • Dessert 3 - Allen
  • Appetizer 1 - Vreeland
  • Appetizer 2 - Duff
  • Appetizer 3

Pirateland has DONATED a camp site in the middle of our coaches to accommodate our outside activities.  The Schoolars and Reids have two 10 X 10 canopies to use for those activities as well as meals (weather permitting).  We will have access to the campground's activity room Fri 5-8 pm; Sat 7-10 am and 5-8 pm; and Sun 7-10 am. 

Goody Bags - Since it's to late to assemble "goody bags" we ask each coach, to make up one goody bag to exchange.  Don't go to a lot of expense.  We can devise a way to distribute after we get there.

Attendees (as of 9/5):  Reid, Sohles, Johnston, Schoolar, Fisher, Buchannan, Vreeland, Buelow, Allen, Duff and Moore.

See you then,