Tuesday, May 15, 2012

President's Message

Greetings Dogwooders,

Many if not most of us are home from winter travels and the Dogwood fun has already begun.  Elsewhere in this newsletter there’s a recap of the Outer Banks swan migration rally and it’s almost time for the migration to Solomon’s Island.  In short, we’re off to another year of fantastic Dogwood activities and camaraderie.  I’d like to offer special recognition to Paul Cummings who claims special communications between himself and Mother Nature accounted for the great weather we enjoyed while viewing the Swans.  I’ll speculate that Richard Bonewitz will have some similar story to share following  Solomons Island in a couple of weeks.  My suggestion to each of you, take full advantage of your Dogwood membership by attending this years scheduled events.  Carolyn and I will look forward to seeing you there.