Friday, January 18, 2013

President's Message

To All Members of the Dogwood Chapter of FMCA,

My wife, Liz and I have only been members of the Dogwood Chapter of FMCA for a few years. And during that time we have met many great people. Ever since our first rally we knew that this was a group of people with which we would develop lasting relationships.

The Christmas Rally held at the KOA in Williamsburg (Va.) was a rousing success. The food was delicious, as usual, and the shopping was intense. We recruited 3 new member families which is always a plus.

As your newly elected President I would like to encourage you to attend as many of our rallies as you can because if you don’t several things happen. First, you will be missing some great fellowship and wonderful times. Second, Liz and I have not met all of our members and this is the best way for us to get to know you. And lastly, our organization needs your support, more than just your dues. We want as many of our members as possible to participate in our rallies.

I am excited as we enter 2013 and hope that you are as well. We have a very enthusiastic board and they are ready to get started. Your new Vice President of Rallies is Dennis Reid. He has already mapped out some very interesting sites for 2013. Carolyn Duff will continue to serve as your Vice President of Communications. Carolyn is working on some upgrades to our communications system. Pat Allen has taken on the tasks of Treasurer and Vice President of Membership. She is already making plans for the chapter table at GEAR in the fall. Ed Fisher will also continue to serve as your FMCA Director.

I will be seeking volunteers for the Audit Committee. If you would like to be of help to the chapter in that capacity, please let me know.

This year we will focus on increasing the participation of the membership and offering more of what the membership desires in rallies.  You will be getting a simple questionnaire in the next newsletter. This will address some questions that the Board has and allow your input as to the direction in which the chapter needs to move. Please take a few moments to complete it as honestly as you can. We need your input and support.

We will continue to use our Vice President of Communications, as the means to contact the membership. This will allow the chapter to maintain some control of what is sent in the name of the Dogwood Chapter.  If you have any communications that need to go to chapter members, please go thru the VP of Communications. Rally hosts are requested to contact Carolyn if you have any information to disseminate to the membership.

If there is anything that myself or the board can do to enhance your Dogwood experience, please contact us. We want Dogwood to be the best and strongest chapter in FMCA.  
Happy Trails,
O.M. Butch Jones
Dogwood President 2013-14