Sunday, October 2, 2011

Presidents Message

It was about 2 years ago that Dogwood’s membership first voted on and unanimously approved the first set of Dogwood Standing Rules.  I wrote the rules because Dogwood's administrative procedures weren’t documented and also because it’s the approach recommended by FMCA.  If you think about your own life experiences in business, government or civic organizations, most have rules.  They may be called by other names like Policy and Procedures but in each case, they’re intended to document what the policy is and how to carry out the policy.  It’s an approach that has been proven to work.  The rationale goes something like this:  If procedures are documented and something goes wrong, you have the opportunity to determine the source of the problem and make corrections that will provide a documented path forward that is intended to avoid having the same problem again. 

Are Dogwood’s standing rules perfect?  Probably not, but they satisfy the intended purpose. The procedures also support processes that may not be obvious.  As an example, are you aware that records are kept of attendance at rallies? Are you aware that Dogwood's Treasurer is required to file an annual certification of revenues with the Internal Revenue Service?  These are just a couple of the reasons that expense reports are required for all rallies, even if no monies are collected and no expenses are incurred.  Why? They enable the officers of the chapter to do their jobs and make the work of the Audit Committee easier and more accurate.

 I’d like to encourage each member to read the Standing Rules.  If you feel that there is something that is conspicuously absent or if you wish to suggest changes for any other reason including things like clarity or spelling errors, I encourage you to do so.  Make your thoughts known.  You’ll have the ideal opportunity at our December business meeting when we consider changes documented elsewhere in eNews.

In the mean time, I promise that I will follow the rules to the best of my ability and my hope is that all of our membership will do the same.

Best wishes and safe travels,

Mann Duff