Sunday, December 19, 2010

Highlights from the Urbanna Oyster Festival Rally

11 coaches gathered around Ed Fisher's garage to enjoy the festivities the weekend of the Urbanna Oyster Festival. New members Steve & Mary Hall, Richard & Elle Bonewitz and Doug & Jeri Carroll joined us.

For those Dogwood oyster lovers, there were plenty of roasted oysters as well as the Alexander's famous oyster stew. Members provided an abundance of good food throughout the weekend.

Dogwood's own blue grass band (Donald Warthan, Mel Hughes, Dickie Cannon, and guests Sandra and Harold Smith, Carter Clements, and Maggie Rainwater-Budd) provided entertainment in the evenings.

Other activities included festivities at the Oyster Festival and antique & yard sale shopping. The Alexanders enjoyed a flight in Ed Fisher's plane and took this picture of the Fisher's RV Resort.

Thanks to Berkley & Karen Alexander who hosted the event.