Sunday, September 6, 2009

Charter Members

Did you know that the Dogwood Chapter is 13 years old?

The first business meeting of the Dogwood Chapter of FMCA was held on June 8, 1996 in Olde Towne, Portsmouth, Virginia. Charter members according to a FMCA member listing dated June 27 1996 included (* denotes those members who attended the first business meeting):

Steve & Judy Czarsty*
Buddy & Jean Franklin*
Audrey & Don King*
Ed & Connie Tilman*

Max & Barbara Hicks
Duncan & Dale Chalmers
Bob & Carol Chuilli
Steve & Judy Stevenson
Calvin & Caroline Winn *
Judy & Dave Gales*
Walter & Betty Wood*
David & Dot Hamilton*
Bob & Judy Buccine*
Tony & Amelia Winn*
Arlene & Andy Copianchi*
Ann & Mac McIlvaines*
Lynn Terry*
Baxter Coston
John & Rita Gray
Boyd & Shirley Johnson

Other folks who are currently members and joined Dogwood in 1996 include:
Bobby & Barbara Dyke
Wilt & Barbara Greenwood
Donald & Carol Warthan
Dan Moore
Vern Davis

The first Dogwood officers elected at the June 1996 meeting included:
President: Dave Gales
Secretary & Treasurer: Judy Buccine
National Director: Judy Czarsty
Alternate National Director: Betty Wood