Sunday, September 6, 2009

President's Message

Have you ever noticed that people often see themselves differently than others see them. I’ve heard several Dogwooders comment on my photo that appears in this section of the newsletter but I always assumed that they were just “yanking my chain”. Well, I’ve decided to update my photo to include a likeness that I hope will be better received. Notice the toothy smile. No more of this serious stuff for me.

We’ve had two great rallies this year, most recently at Rockahock where we found or had delivered to us nine new chapter members. Their names and photos are included elsewhere in this newsletter. Please join me in offering each new member a special Dogwood welcome.
Carolyn and I just returned from Pennsylvania where we spent some time touring Amish country and attending the Corvette show in Carlisle. We also visited Williams Grove race track to size up things there prior to Dogwoods October rally. We look forward to seeing many of you there.


Dogwood has nine new members. Please welcome Gregory Smith & Marianne Filice, Randy & Robin Brock, Jimmy & Margie Elliot, Bill & Eileen Guttridge, Steve & Sue Sohles, Mel & Dian Hughes, Dickie Cannon, Doug & Deirdre Cherrington and Hank Satterwhite.

The Photo Directory and Dogwood Directory have been updated to include our new members. If your photo is missing from the Directory (or you don't like the one that is there), feel free to send one and we will include it.

Jimmie & Jayne Jackson are not renewing their FMCA / Dogwood membership.

Current Dogwood Membership: 68 members (63 members in good standing and 5 members whose status is unknown)

Highlights from GEAR

GEAR (The Greater Eastern Area Rally) was a great success! Despite the economic situation and lower attendance, there was a nice selection of seminars, vendor exhibits, entertainment and a good time shared by all. Click here for photos from the rally.

Thanks to the Noltes and Gruels who hosted the Dogwood social hour. Our hosts provided a nice selection of goodies as well as good weather (it had been raining). We had a good turnout and a lot of fun. There were several impromptu happy hours throughout the week at the Alexanders and Duffs.

We discovered a hidden talent. The Dogwood Dodgers placed 4th in the bean bag baseball competition. Our star players were Ryland & Evelyn Watts.

Special recognition should be given to Dogwood members Wilt & Barbara Greenwood who put in a lot of effort throughout the year to make this event such a success. Thanks to Berkley & Karen Alexander (chairman for seminar monitors), Paul & Nancy Cummings (chairman for motor home exhibits), and to the many Dogwood members who volunteered during the rally.

Highlights from the Rockahock Rally

We had a great time at the Rockahock rally. Special thanks to the Warthans, Waymans and Hicks who hosted the event. 23 coaches attended. The rally officially kicked off Friday night with a happy hour followed by blue grass music performed by Donald Warthan and his fellow band members. Saturday the men cooked breakfast followed by a business meeting. Saturday evening we enjoyed a bbq dinner which was cooked on site and more blue grass music. Sunday morning after a continental breakfast, we packed up and said our goodbyes. Click here for photos from the rally.

Special thanks to the musicians, Donald Warthan, Dickie Cannon, Doug Cherrington, Hank Satterwhite, Mel Hughes and Donnie Warthan.

This was the first rally for several of our new members: Sue & Steve Sohles, Eileen & Bill Guttridge, Mel & Dian Hughes, Dickie Cannon, Doug Cherrington and Hank Satterwhite.

Williams Grove Rally in October

Dogwood's fall rally will be held at the Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania October 2 - 4 to coincide with the running of the Outlaw races.

Ed Fisher is our rally host (with Mann & Carolyn Duff assisting) and has reserved 18 camping spaces at the speedway. The price for a dry camping site for the weekend is $15. Two sites are still available. If you are interested in attending the rally and have not signed up, please contact Mann.

There is lots to see and do in the area:

Since the races have first come first serve seating, we will not have group dinners Friday and Saturday nights. Depending upon the number of members who will be arriving on Thursday, we will either have a dinner at the speedway or go to a local restaurant as a group Thursday evening. We plan to prepare breakfasts on Friday and Saturday mornings.

If you are attending the rally, please respond to (or call Mann or Carolyn) and let us know when you will be arriving. This will allow us to finalize dinner plans for Thursday and lay out parking in the space we have allotted to us (we reserved one site to use as our gathering area). Rally fees have not been determined, however, they will be minimal and will be collected at the rally. After we receive your input, we will let you now what food will be provided and the rally cost.

Other rally information:

  • Even though we have reserved sites, they are small and may be difficult to gain access to as other campers arrive. The earlier you arrive the better; you can arrive as early as Thursday morning.
  • Your camping permit is required for admission to the camping area (Mann handed them out at Rockahock).
  • Arrive with plenty of fresh water and fuel as you will be dry camping. There are no electric or water facilities available at the speedway.
  • There is not a dump station at the speedway.
  • Bring your own coffee to breakfast as we don't have the facilities to use the large chapter coffee pots.
  • If you would like, bring a snack to share at informal social hours on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Let us know if you have a table you can bring.

The Williams Grove Speedway is in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, just off US 15, between Gettysburg and Harrisburg.

Directions from Interstate 81

  • Take exit 48 and head east on SR 74 / York Road
  • Go 7.5 miles then turn left onto Williams Grove Road
  • Go 1.5 miles. Entrance to Williams Grove Speedway is on the left just past Park Place. We are camping in the grassy area to the left
Directions from US 15

  • Head west on SR 74 / York Road
  • Go 1.25 then turn right onto Williams Grove Road
  • Go 1.5 miles. Entrance to Williams Grove Speedway is on the left just past Park Place. We are camping in the grassy area to the left
The following people have signed up for the rally:
Berkley & Karen Alexander
Clint & Pat Allen (Thursday afternoon)
James & Susan Buelow (Thursday afternoon)
Terry & Judy Davis (Thursday)
Mann & Carolyn Duff (Thursday morning)
Bobby & Barbara Dyke (Thursday morning)
Ed Fisher (Thursday morning)
Carl & Donna Gruel (Thursday afternoon)
Max & Barbara Hicks (Thursday afternoon)
Fred & Maxine Luxton (Thursday afternoon)
Mo & Shirley Martin (not able to attend)

Fairleigh & Cil Schoolar (Thursday morning)
Donald & Carol Warthan (Thursday morning)
Don & Sheryl Wayman (not able to attend)

Butch & Liz Jones (Thursday)

Christmas Rally at Virginia Beach

The Christmas rally will be held in Virginia Beach at the Holiday Trav-L-Park Campground December 4 -6. Hosts for the rally are Max & Barbara Hicks, Wilt & Barbara Greenwood, and Paul & Nancy Cummings. More details to follow, however, preliminary plans are to have a dinner catered by Rodmans BBQ on Saturday evening followed by our traditional Yankee gift swap.

Business Meeting and Reports 2009 08

A Dogwood chapter business meeting was held on August 8, 2009. Please refer to the Secretary's report and Treasurer's report.

Member News

Janice Parsons wrote that "Ralph has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). He has lost use of his right foot. Our camping will be limited. We will probably not be able to attend any more Dogwood Rallies. We have enjoyed the fellowship and will miss all of you."

Donna Tolson wrote "Just wanted to let you and Mann know that we have decided not to continue our membership in the Dogwood chapter. Life just seems too busy traveling in the summer & fall and then going to FL for up to 5 months in the winter to belong to so many clubs here in VA when we aren't here very much."

Congratulations to Dogwood member Judy Czarsty who was elected Senior VP of FMCA.

Charter Members

Did you know that the Dogwood Chapter is 13 years old?

The first business meeting of the Dogwood Chapter of FMCA was held on June 8, 1996 in Olde Towne, Portsmouth, Virginia. Charter members according to a FMCA member listing dated June 27 1996 included (* denotes those members who attended the first business meeting):

Steve & Judy Czarsty*
Buddy & Jean Franklin*
Audrey & Don King*
Ed & Connie Tilman*

Max & Barbara Hicks
Duncan & Dale Chalmers
Bob & Carol Chuilli
Steve & Judy Stevenson
Calvin & Caroline Winn *
Judy & Dave Gales*
Walter & Betty Wood*
David & Dot Hamilton*
Bob & Judy Buccine*
Tony & Amelia Winn*
Arlene & Andy Copianchi*
Ann & Mac McIlvaines*
Lynn Terry*
Baxter Coston
John & Rita Gray
Boyd & Shirley Johnson

Other folks who are currently members and joined Dogwood in 1996 include:
Bobby & Barbara Dyke
Wilt & Barbara Greenwood
Donald & Carol Warthan
Dan Moore
Vern Davis

The first Dogwood officers elected at the June 1996 meeting included:
President: Dave Gales
Secretary & Treasurer: Judy Buccine
National Director: Judy Czarsty
Alternate National Director: Betty Wood