Monday, May 11, 2009


Four new members joined Dogwood at the Fort Monroe rally. Please welcome John and Susan Weigly from Powhatan, Fred and Maxine Luxton (friends of the Gruels) from Merry Point, Dave and Bette Thomas from Newport News, and Rachel Carnell from Norfolk. Rachel, who is in the Army and residing at Fort Monroe, was curious as to what all the motor homes were doing, so checked us out. We were such a great bunch of folks she decided to join us. The Photo Directory and Dogwood Directory have been updated to include our new members.

It was good to see Donald and Audrey King at the Fort Monroe rally. The Kings are charter members who have been absent from Dogwood events for several years.

Bob and Carol Chuilli are not renewing their Dogwood membership as they now spend most of their time in Florida.

Current Dogwood Membership: 60 members (50 members who have paid 2009 dues and 10 members who have not paid 2009 dues)