Monday, May 11, 2009

Member News

Evelyn & Ryland Watts shared "We had an accident in our motor home in SC on our way to Perry for the Rally. Young military guy moving from Ft. Bragg to Ft. Hood driving a U-Haul truck, towing his car on a trailer, passed us, then cut in, tearing off the front end (bumper, lights, etc), and didn't stop. We "put the pedal to the medal" and flagged him down. He said he didn't feel anything! He wanted to give us his info and not call the police, but we insisted. Said his wife was expecting a baby and had started dilating. Turns out she was just driving before they stopped to change drivers! The officer charged him and said we could drive the motorhome in daylight only, and if we were stopped, to show the accident report. We limped into Perry. The insurance company has been wonderful and the motorhome is in repair shop. This was our first trip out this year as we've had health problems. Just glad no one was hurt!"

Bob & Carol Chuilli shared "We will not be rejoining Dogwood. We are spending so much time in Florida, and in the past 5 years we are going earlier and staying later. This has led to missing most of the rallies dogwood puts on. We have enjoyed the chapter over the years and have made so many friends. Three previous members live at the great outdoors with us and they also have stopped coming north. We cherish the memories and friendships."