Monday, May 11, 2009


GEAR (The Greater Eastern Area Rally) will be held June 4 - 7 at the Richmond International Raceway in Richmond Virginia.

Berkley & Karen Alexander, who are chairing the seminar monitor committee, need volunteers to hand out evaluation forms before seminars and collect the completed forms afterwards.

Berkley submitted the names of all Dogwood members attending GEAR as volunteers. Your volunteer credentials will be mailed to you separately. This will allow you to park in the volunteer area and to arrive as early as Tuesday. If you do not receive your volunteer credentials, contact Berkley.

There will be a Dogwood Happy Hour at GEAR. The time and place will be announced later.

The following people have registered to attend GEAR:
Wilt & Barbara Greenwood
Berkley & Karen Alexander
Paul & Nancy Cummings
Mann & Carolyn Duff
Eugene & Winnie Williams
Kenneth & Bernice Wyatt
Carl & Donna Gruel
Bill & Rachel Ferebee
James & Donna Venable
Michael & Ann Foster
Max & Barbara Hicks
Tom & Marilyn Nolte
Ryland & Evelyn Watts

Steve & Judy Czarsty
Connie & Ed Tilman
Denny & Betty Raymond
Tom & Bonnie Scanlin
Tom & Ann Ottum
Lynn & Betty Gray Faber