Monday, May 11, 2009

Bowling Green International Convention

FMCA's summer international convention will be held in Bowling Green Ohio July 20-23. Email if you plan to attend.

Those planning to go to Bowling Green:
Ed & Anke Fisher
Nick & Elizabeth De Monte

Wilt & Barbara Greenwood
Max & Barbara Hicks
Steve & Judy Czarsty
Berkley & Karen Alexander
Mo & Shirley Martin
Carl & Donna Gruel
Chuck & Donna Tolson
Mem & Larry Halstead
Gene & Winnie Williams (parked with the governing board)

Steve Czarsty noted: The Just Friends Chapter is having a gathering at 4:30 Tuesday at the Czarsty's coach located in the Past National officer/Committee parking area. Dogwoods are welcome bring a chair, beverage and a happy attitude!