Sunday, January 11, 2009

How do you print newsletter entries?

How To Print Newsletter Entries
  • Select (highlight) the entry or entries that you would like to print. To do this hold down the left button on the mouse and drag the cursor until the area you want to print is highlighted.
  • Go to the "print" screen.  There are multiple ways that you can do this:
    • There may be a "print" button.  If so, click on the arrow beside the print button.
    • There may be a tool bar.  If so, select "print".
    • You may need to click on "file" on the menu bar, then "print".
    • You can right click on the screen, then select "print".
  • A print options screen will display
  • Under "Page Range", click on "Selection"
  • Caution: If you do not select a print range, you will print all newsletter entries displayed on the page including the information displayed on the right side of the screen