Sunday, May 31, 2015

Minutes from May Business Meeting

Minutes from May 16, 2015 Dogwood meeting - Endless Caverns, VA
President Buck Buchanan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for participating in the Endless Caverns Rally.  Buck told the group he would like to get the ball rolling by forming a nominating committee which would be nominated and voted on by the membership. So if you are interested in serving on the nominating committee please let him know so your name can be placed on the ballot. Since our bylaws state the preferred way of voting is electronically once names of members who would like to serve on the nominating committee are received, he will ask Carolyn Duff to send out the ballots, (he would like for September 1, 2015 to be the deadline for nominations). It was mentioned that Berkley Alexander and Buck Buchanan should sit on the committee. Being short one member to hold a vote it was decided that these minutes would be the necessary notice to our members to make their voices heard. The nominating committee will be looking for officers to service from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018.  These minutes will be forwarded to Carolyn Duff for distribution. 

Pat Allen reported that currently there is $3,047 in the treasury.

The Greenwoods and Tilmans will host our Christmas Rally on December 4-6 at America Kamp in Ashland just off of I-95 at the Lewistown Road exit. Camping will be $35 per night. It was suggested that the club pay for the Saturday night dinner and it would be the decision of the hosts to caterer or to prepare. The members will need to vote whether they agree to spend the club's money. By copy of these minutes Buck is asking for  members input.  
Wilt Greenwood gave a report on the June rally taking place in Tappahannock, currently eight more coaches are needed to get the special rate on the cruise to the winery. If you consider there is no fee for camping the June Rally is not a bad deal. 

Connie Tilman reported on the July Galax Rally stating that she was going to be unable to be there but has provide the itinerary to Barbara Dyke who has agreed to handle the hosting responsibilities. 

Marion Cockrell said there may be a September Rally but was awaiting confirmation, she also reminded everyone of the November Rally in Urbanna.

Discussion followed on Small Country Campground. Pat Allen said she will check to see if they could accommodate our group, if so then the Allens and Greenfields will host. 

No further business Fairleigh Schoolar motioned to adjourn. 
Linda Buchanan
Pro-Tem Secretary