Saturday, January 10, 2015

Member Updates

Paul Cummings:  It was great to visit with all our Dogwood friends at the Selma Rally.  We were on the road four months of 2014 traveling in the northwest states.  In Wyoming and Oregon mostly visiting with our daughter in Casper WY and at the Country Coach factory in Junction City OR where we saw a 2004 CC looking for a new home.  I think we got the RV fever from some of our members.  Highlights of our trip included Buffalo, the Badlands and Cody WY.  Glacier National Park, Seattle WA and the Boeing Aircraft Mfg. plant, Long Beach WA. 150 miles of the Oregon Coast, Columbia Gorge, Jackson Hole, Teton Mountains and the Cumberland Mt. of KY.  Add wineries to the list and you have the big picture.

On a technical note, I wanted to share with those who don't have a new coach.  Tv up date remains an issue when you want to record a TV program.  Seems like we can not record unless we subscribe (pay) for it.  So, those over the air free TV show cannot be recorded.  My question is where were we when Congress passed this new law, better still where was the Tea Party.  Good news, Channel Master now makes a $400 box that will record free and no fee other than the upfront cost of the box.  Hope this helps.

Donna Gruel:  We hope, that any of you that get to Florida and especially on the East Coast, will give us a call (804-435-7317) - we are just around the corner from Liz and Butch Jones and about a mile away from Sue & Steve Soles.  Since we saw ya'll at the Christmas Rally we've traveled to Aspen, Colorado for Christmas - very cold there, snowed every night.. Return trip was definitely an adventure thru Texas.  We actually got off the icy Interstate (they had done nothing to make the roads passable -- Tractor Trailers sideways, upside down, in pieces - smaller trucks and cars destroyed (many had been there for what looked like at least a 24 hour period) and drove on the State roads which were cleared, dry and less crowded?????  Go figure!  Our best wishes to all of you for a great 2015....Donna & Carl.

Barbara Dyke:  Bobby and I will be in Florida Jan 7 thru April and would love to have visitors at 16423 Citrus Parkway, Clermont,FL. We're 1/2 mi from TT Orlando. Barbara Dyke, 804 337-3530

Carolyn Duff:  Since we have been in Florida we have gotten together with the Greenfields, Hicks, Reids and Dykes.  We also spotted the Warthans driving south on 27 on their way to Arcadia.  You never know who you might run into.   We always enjoy getting together with our Dogwood friends.      

Carol Warthan:  Carson Christian (former Dogwood member) is not doing well and he and Carolyn need our prayers.  Will keep you posted on them.  

Jim Buelow:  I am mending well from my knee replacement and we are leaving Friday for a 5 week trip to FL. Hope we see you along the road.

Updates from 1/18/2015

Ken Wyatt:  We have a Florida home in RV Community in Polk City-Mount Olive Shores North. Address: 468 Meandering Way.  Would love to get together sometime. 

Bill Guttridge wrote that he is responding well to medicine following his heart attack in November.