Sunday, June 24, 2018

President's Message June 2018

PRESIDENTS MESSAGE              June, 2018                             by Jim Buelow

Jim & Susan Buelow June 2018
Hello Dogwood Friends,
I hope all is well and that all of you have enjoyed the year thus far, can’t believe it is half over.
Susan and I have been on the road for over 3 out of the last 6 months and have really enjoyed it. Recently returned from a family reunion with my family in Kansas City and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail rally where we had a great time. Thanks to the Bonewitz, Alexander, and Schoolar families for hosting. And it seems that a much larger number of our members are taking extended trips this year, especially out west. That is what it is all about. Be safe and enjoy.
Now for a little Dogwood business.
We recently sent out a ballot to vote on allowing or not allowing all RV types into Dogwood. The results are in and out of 28 votes, 18 voted for, and 10 voted against allowing all authorized RV types into Dogwood. Approximately 56% of our 50 members voted. Of those that voted, about 65% voted for, and 35% voted against the proposal. As a result of the vote, Dogwood will allow all authorized RV types into our chapter. I will update our By-Laws to reflect the change and send them to FMCA. Thank you for your participation on this important issue.    
We also recently sent out a ballot to elect Rich Bonewitz to fill a vacant Nominating Committee position. Rich has been elected and will join Buck Buchanan (Chairman) and Carol Warthan on the nominating committee. Thanks to all of you on the Committee for stepping up.  
Dogwood Officer Elections. It is time to begin the process of electing new officers along with a Nominating Committee for 2019/2020. I along with Buck have been in touch with current officers and members, and thus far, we have the following candidates.
President – Jim Buelow
VP of Membership – Pat Allen
VP of Communications – Paul Cummings
VP of Rallies – Discussions in progress
Secretary – Patty Kuiken
Henry & Patty Kuiken
National Director – Ed Fisher
Alternate National – Rich Bonewitz
Nominating Committee – Candidates needed

Note – Dogwood Treasure will provide $10,000 to each nominee to defray costs of their campaign. (Yeah right, just kidding, but I bet this got your attention. LOL)
Buck and his team will be in touch with members to fill any vacant positions. And if anyone would like to run for a position which already has a candidate, feel free to do so. That is why we call it an election.
We are required to submit a new officer slate along with membership certification to FMCA by December 31st. In the interest of making this as simple as possible, plans at this point are to have the election at the Christmas party. That is our largest rally and doing the vote at the rally is much less complicated than a ballot on line. 
Thanks to all of you who stepped up to serve Dogwood.
Rallies – Donna will cover rallies under the Rally Master Report, but I just want to make a few comments. The Maine rally is coming up in August and at last count we have around 15 coaches attending. Great job getting a crowd of that size to travel that far for a rally. And GEAR is coming up shortly after that in York, PA. There is a lot to do at that rally and also a beautiful area to visit right in the midst of the Amish country. We will also do a Chapter Fair at GEAR, maybe this year we can win 1st prize. Not too late to sign up for either rally. Come on out and join in on the fun.
As I close this message, I want to thank our members for making Dogwood the great chapter that it is. Hope to see you all soon, and SAFE travels.