Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rob and Donna Hill, Mission Report 2017

Working to help people rebuild their homes.

In June of 2016, Greenbrier County experienced severe flooding that resulted in dozens of houses being damaged and 24 people losing their lives.  For a week before and a week after GEAR 2017, a total of 44 people from FMCA, contributed their labor to help repair or replace some of those houses.  Included were Dogwood’s own Henry and Patty Kuiken and Donna and Rob Hill, Eastern Area Motorhome Association President, Bill Mallory, and several members of the FMCA Habitat for Humanity chapter.  The effort was facilitated by the FMCA Energized working group.

Working with the Greater Greenbrier Long Term Recovery Committee, the team built a wheelchair ramp, replaced porch railings, stained playground equipment, benches and a deck. We helped a man with a 130 year old house that had had 4 feet of water in it by finishing the sheetrock and primer painting the new walls.  We also worked on two new houses in “Hope Village” a new neighborhood being built to replace a neighborhood that had been located next to the creek that flooded in White Sulfur Springs.  In total, we provided more than 2000 hours of labor to the community.  In addition, through a grant provided by the state and additional Federal matching funds, we generated more than $50,000 to be used for the purchase of materials throughout the communities in WV affected by the floods.

Bob and Donna Hill