Tuesday, August 8, 2017

President August 2017

President's Report August 2017


Hello Dogwood Family. Hope all is well with all of you.

.Susan and I returned home from our 54 day trip to the West coast on July 30. We had a frustrating and expensive first two weeks out as we had slide issues. After spending several days in RV dealerships and over $2000.00 in repairs, the coach and TOAD finally settled down and we were “On the Road Again”. We traveled almost 8000 miles and did and saw a lot of things. Our bucket list is not empty, but we put a huge hole in it. One thing for sure, America is Beautiful and we have lots of great memories and pictures to confirm that. And, we REALLY enjoyed having a TOAD; don’t know how we did without one for 13 years.

Now for a little business:

As most or all of you know by now, Rich and Elle Bonewitz lost their coach and TOAD in a fire in AZ in June. They and their dogs are fine, but as you can imagine, this was a horrible experience to go through. Rich is including an update on their status in this newsletter. Just a reminder to keep your thoughts, prayers, and calls coming to Rich and Elle.

The FMCA Convention was held in July and two major things happened. The Governing Board approved the resolution to allow all RVs into FMCA, and a new Executive Board was elected. Ed will elaborate on the Convention results and what happens next in his Directors Report.

WELCOME new members Ed and Jean Hebert from Fredericksburg, VA and Skip and Gabby Rasmussen from Fork Union, VA. We look forward to meeting you, and hope you enjoy the fun and friendship that is always abundant in Dogwood.

T-Shirts – The first order of T-shirts has arrived. We received orders for 56 shirts which I think was a great response for the first cut. Now to get then distributed. As shipping was not included in the cost in order to keep the price down, here is the plan to get them to members. Pam and Ben Phillips live at the Americamps Campground in Ashland, VA, which is somewhat centrally located to most of our members who have ordered shirts. They have agreed to act as a distribution point for the shirts. I will have the shirts to them by August 19, 2017. You may pick them up any time after that. Please contact Pam in advance.

Contact information is Pam and Ben Phillips, Americamps Campground, 11322 Air Park Rd, Ashland, VA 23005, Cell 804 363-6191.

For those of you attending the Mt Airy rally, if you would like to pick up your shirts there instead of Ashland, we will have them available at the rally.

Thanks to all of you for your orders. We will do this again in the near future and on the next order, we will include sweatshirts as fall and winter will soon be upon us. Tentative cost for sweatshirts will be around $15.00.

I am working with Paul on getting the By-Laws changes that were previously approved and the new Rally Expense Form incorporated into our blog. We will get this done as soon as we can.

As I close, just a reminder. As you travel, please reach out to other motor home owners you see along the way. Make a new friend and invite them to join Dogwood and FMCA. We the members are the best ambassadors FMCA has.

Many thanks to the Dogwood Officers, volunteers, and members, who continue to make our chapter a great organization to be a part of.


Regards and SAFE travels,