Monday, July 7, 2014

Member Updates

Congratulations to Richard and Elle Bonewitz who were married on May 24.

Max and Barbara had a difficult winter and spring. Max had minor surgery on his wrist and also an ablation procedure for his heart. Barbara had a knee replacement and is recovering and going through rehab.  We hope they both are feeling better.

Butch Jones wrote back in June "The Solomon’s Island Rally is getting under way. Liz and I had to miss this one. We recently found out the Roxie has Lymphoma. After weighing the two options, we decided to go with chemotherapy. It would give her the best chance at maybe another year or two. She is ending her first week of chemo and since we were not sure how she would react to the drugs, we decided it best to stay home with her. She has done very well so far. So for now we will take one day at a time. Living with a pet is a very rewarding experience and one that we don’t want to give up just yet."

Butch Jones is looking for volunteers to man the Dogwood booth at GEAR in October and  the FMCA booth at the Hershey RV show Sept 10-14.  If you will be attending and can help out, please contact Butch.   

Donna Foore wrote on 7/9 that Ron was having surgery the next day.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.