Sunday, May 11, 2014

VP of Rallies Message

by Dennis Reid

After meeting with Marion and Bill Cockrell, I was confident that the Tangier rally had the makings of being a memorable rally.  According to attendees, it was just that.  I would like to personally send them "kudos" for opening up their home and facilities to Dogwood.

After a long cold winter and nursing another new knee, Joyce and I were looking forward to the start of the rally season and the Tangier cruise.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had her own plans for the weekend of the rally. 

While traveling the weekend before the rally, the results of ALGAE growth in our fuel tank finally took it's toll near Glen Burnie, MD.  Fortunately we were able to lope into a Cummins dealer.  I won't bore you with all of the details but it was very expensive to remedy the problem.  I would like to pass along some information that was published in an FMCA forum on the subject.  

Algae grows as a diesel/water interface.  The key is to keep water out of the tank.  Anytime you will be parking/storing it, make sure the fuel tank is FULL.  This reduces water from condensation.
Example:  You have a 100 gallon fuel tank.  You used half, leaving you 50 gallons of fuel and 50 gallons of air.   When the ambient temperature reaches the dew point of the air in the tank, the moisture in that air CONDENSES and goes to the bottom of the tank (water is heavier than diesel).  Each day as the temperature rises, the tank "breaths out" and each night, with falling temperatures it "breaths in".  Then moisture in that air can condense.
So, add your BIOCiDE, but also make sure that the tank is full.

I'm not going to bore everyone with the schedule for 2014 since it is posted on the blog, but I would like to point out the lack of rally's during the summer months,  Since no hosts have stepped up, we don't have any rally's between Solomon's and Ft. Monroe.  That's nearly 3 months.  

Come on people!  There are many capable host out there that haven't hosted in years.  If anyone has a suggestion for a rally location and would like to host, just drop me a line or email.  How about Myrtle Beach?  Anyone?  We had a great time there last year.