Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Member Updates

Welcome new members:  Fletcher & Yvonne Jessup, Lou & Patti Messa and Bill & Marion Cockrell.  Thanks to Liz & Butch Jones for recruiting the Jessups and Messas and to Fred & Maxine Luxton for recruiting the Cockrells.

Members who did not renew their Dogwood memberships:  Lynn & Betty Gray Faber, Buddy & Jean Franklin, Sandra Register, Tom & Marilyn Nolte, Michael & Ann Foster, Bill & Donna Dennis and Ryland & Evelyn Watts.  Some of these folks were long time Dogwood members and have given up motor homing.  We wish them all the best and want them to know that they will be missed.

Currently there are 48 paid Dogwood members.

Marilyn and Tom Nolte celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.

Members who have had surgery or under the weather:  Donald Warthan, Max Hicks, Nancy Cummings, Connie Tilman, Otho Tew

Nancy Cummings wrote " Paul and I would like to express our appreciation to everyone for the cards,  phone calls, well wishes and support during my recent double-knee replacement surgery.  It was great seeing everyone and look forward to Wisconsin and sharing with great friends.  Thanks ever so much."

Carl Gruel wrote "Donna and I are back from our 6-week trip to Montana (via Aspen, CO to see son and family) -  we'll send you a summary of that trip with a few pix later.  What I wanted to send to you today was that you may remember we had a front tire blowout in late May, 2011 on our way back from Florida.  We got that all repaired and included 6 NEW Michelin tires as part of the repair.  The local shop where I got the tires did not have the equipment to spin balance 19.5-inch tires, so they added a balancing-powder to the tires.  Well, after 5,500+ miles, I can tell you-all that the balancing powder DOES NOT WORK!!!  the front tires had an out-of-balance vibration between 65 and 70MPH (at first), which had gotten down to between 59 and 70MPH by the time we got home.  We were sick of it!  I went back to the tire shop and they threw up their hands saying, there was nothing else they could do.  With help and advice from Bobby Dyke and Mo Martin, I have an appointment at Thurston Springs in Richmond on 7/15/11 to get the front tires spin balanced!  One of the requirements was that the tires be dismounted and the balancing-powder taken out - I just went back to the tire shop and had this chore done!  I'll let you and the membership know later how well that works out!"

Evelyn Watts wrote "Just in case anyone is interested, we are selling our 2000 Winnebago Adventurer Motorhome.  It has about 37,000 milels, V-10 Triton Engine, 2 slides, ice maker, microwave, satellite system, entertainment center generator, back up camera, electric awning.  We also have lots of "stuff" to go with it - 2 big lounge chairs, 2 canvas chairs, and 4 plastic chairs, pullout on dash for computer and dressing table in bedroom for computer..  Queen bed in bedroom, couch queen bed, a grill, etc. etc!!!  :)"  If interested contact them at or 434-589-8570.