Wednesday, October 6, 2010

President's Message

Greetings Dogwooders,

Did you ever wonder why chapter news always includes a message from your president? Me too. Could it be because presidents feel a need to share superior intellect? Possibly, but I think the intended audience for this news would see through this pretty quickly.

Rather than ramble on about rallies, motor homes, volunteering and things like that, I think I’ll share a few thoughts about change. When I was waking this morning from a fairly restless sleep, I was thinking about my dad who would be 100 if he were still alive. I was recalling a story he told me years ago about the changes he had seen during his life. He told me of the first car that he ever saw and offered an account of how he and other children ran behind it on a dusty road, fascinated by this newfangled contraption.

Quite naturally, these thoughts lead to changes that I’ve seen and enjoyed in my lifetime. I’ve started a list, some of which I’ll include here to illustrate.

Typewriters - typewriter erasers, special easy erase paper, white out

Recorders - reel to reel, 8 track, cassette

Portable radios - my first one had tubes and batteries that cost a months allowance, next came transistor radios- my first was very compact, about the size of 3 packs of cigarettes

Telephones - Party lines, phones with no dial mechanism, dial phones, cell phones in a bag, cell phones ( large ones that wouldn’t fit in your pocket)

Cameras – Box cameras, flash bulbs, 35 mm, 110, Polaroid, film


Phone book

Television - Tubes, Black and White CRT, Color CRT, Projection, Plasma, LCD, LED

Home Delivery - Milk delivered to the door in bottles, Fuller Brush, Charlie’s Chips

Think about it, make your own list and bring it with you to the next event where we’re together. We could have a good time sharing.

In the mean time, safe travels.